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Sheppard writes with verve...revealing a deep knowledge of detective-novel conventions and a keen understanding of human behavior to boot...engaging through all its twists and turns...gripping postmodern crime novel that highlights the creative process.

Others Magazine

Crime Writer is a thrilling, more-ish novel. The premise alone could have tipped this plot into a cliché romance trope. Yet, Sheppard masterfully depicts her characters with a sense of real-worldliness. Her characters' insecurities go hand in hand with their action-packed lives, ultimately making them more honest and authentic. Add in some well-placed wit, romance and a plot twist, and I devoured this story in two days.


Sydney Arts Guide

This is a breathlessly fast paced book... terrifically written with great quotes scattered throughout... An excellent read.


City Hub Sydney

Such an original and absorbing novel that will surely be spoken of highly in the fiction world. A wonderful debut; an absolute pleasure to read; looking forward to what’s coming next from Sheppard.


1079Life Radio

Crime Writer had me captured from the moment I turned the first page. The central plot is a unique concept in a genre that can often be full of tired overdone stereotypes. This novel was a refreshing change that kept me guessing from start to finish as all the best books should. Sheppard writes her characters with a quirky realism that makes the reader feel part of the story and the characters come to life. One of my favourite new authors. I would highly recommend Crime Writer if you are looking for a good read that you just can’t put down.

Reviews By Judith

And when sh*t gets real near the ending of the story a simmering question arises, why does a crime writer write crime and, by extension, why does a crime reader read crime? What ever the answer for you, Crime Writer will scratch the itch with a pinpoint blade, explode away the cobwebs of other formulaic offerings and detonate a desire to play around in their world with a second reading.

98Five FM

I couldn’t put it down! ...Best enjoyed curled up on a couch with a hot drink (warning: several hot drinks may be required if you’re anything like me and can’t stop reading it!).

3D Radio

Dime Sheppard’s story is equal parts detective thriller and meta giggle-fest...impeccably literary; beautifully written and self-aware. I’ve never read anything like it.

This is an extraordinarily good and challenging debut.

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