Dime Sheppard is a writer and former barista, film student, waitress, Spanish teacher, vineyard labourer, bilingual interpreter and marketing manager. And some former other stuff. She has a degree in English literature, and also spent seven years working for an NGO, mostly in South America. This means she has diverse skills: she can string a sentence together, and she can also pee in the desert while fending off a baby goat, cook a delicious meal for thirty people with little more than potatoes and oregano, dig a bogged truck out of metre-deep mud with a broken teacup, and shower in cold water in the dead of winter without a murmur.

She loves reading, swimming, and laughing at her dog (who is ridiculous), action movies and eating potato chips for breakfast. She loves a perfect beach day, is trying to stay determined for achieving a press handstand before she turns a hundred years old, isn’t a natural blonde, puts spiders outside instead of smooshing them, and thinks sweet vegetables and high heels are both unpleasant and unnecessary.


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Shortlisted for
the 2022 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense,
the 2022 Davitt Award for Best Crime Books by Australian Women and
the People's Choice Queensland Book of the Year Award

Evie Howland has problems.

Guns. Bombs. Murderers.

And that’s just on the page…

In real life she’s meant to be planning a wedding to adorable billionaire Daniel Bradley, but Evie is seriously snarled in the sixteenth book of her successful crime series. In fact, her protagonists are becoming almost impossible to wrangle: NYPD detective Carolyn Harding is volatile after a messy divorce, and Detective Jay Ryan has that heated look in his blue eyes again. They’re both sick of being written. And frankly they’re getting a little…physical. Evie is beginning to wonder if she’s ever going to finish Book Sixteen and get them back into fiction where they belong.


But when a disturbingly familiar homicide surfaces in the city papers, it seems as if other, darker characters might have crossed the fiction-frontier too. In which case, Evie is in a lot of real-life trouble.


If she is going to survive it, Evie must face her own worst fears, and learn that real love can be the best way of writing her own story.


But can she change the ending?

Full of fast-paced adventure and dry humour, this smart and witty caper is perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich’s fun, action-packed Stephanie Plum novels, or Mary Stewart’s stylish romantic suspense.



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Crime writer Evie Howland is 
officially beginning a 'happily ever after'.
In life, that is. Not in fiction.

In fact, she doesn’t plan on writing anything fictional for a while, especially not the screenplay she just started. That’s because her two most beloved characters, NYPD detectives Jay Ryan and Carolyn Harding, are part of reality now, and part of her life.

And she wants to keep it that way.

But Evie has made a mistake somehow, because a fictional murder victim just appeared in Central Park, along with handsome mystery man Chris Murray–a brilliant thief with an equally brilliant smile and possibly, a heart of gold.

When Evie decides to chase down answers from maybe-murder- suspect Murray, she finds herself diving headfirst (literally) into his adventure of a backstory. Which makes her a time traveller. Sort of. Either way, getting to the bottom of Murray’s role in the screenplay turns out to be a lot more dangerous than she would have liked, and there’s a good chance she might not make it out alive.

Will Evie be able to redeem her mistakes and keep her chosen family? Or will she end up losing everything that matters most?


Such an original and absorbing novel...A wonderful debut; an absolute pleasure to read.
—City Hub Sydney

‘Crime Writer’ is a thrilling, more-ish novel…I devoured this story in two days.
—Others Magazine

A breathlessly fast paced book...terrifically written with great quotes scattered throughout...An excellent read.
—Sydney Arts Guide

Equal parts detective thriller and meta giggle-fest...impeccably literary; beautifully written and self-aware. I’ve never read anything like it. This is an extraordinarily good and challenging debut.
—3D Radio

This novel was a refreshing change that kept me guessing from start to finish.
—1079Life Radio

‘Crime Writer’ will…explode away the cobwebs of other formulaic offerings and detonate a desire to play around in their world with a second reading.
—Reviews By Judith

I couldn’t put it down!
—98Five FM





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